Selling in Phoenix: Yard and Gardens

by : Anne Eliason

Much like most other areas in America, selling a home in Phoenix has become a game of attraction. That is, how to best attract the buyers to your home in order to present them with the package that is your home. One thing that sellers seem to forget is that their home is a product just like any other and in selling a product the packaging is quite important. In marketing there are a few things that are understood to be good tactics. One of these is that attractive packaging sells things. Whether it be a cellular phone or a candy bar, the manner in which it is presented to the buying public is critical. Make no bones about it, the same theory applies for your home as well. However, the packaging must be that much more impressive as a home comes with quite a large price tag.

So, how can one package their home in a way that will be impressive to both buyers and the realtors that show the home? Well, the best place to start is with the exterior of the home. As this is usually the first part of the home that is seen as well as the predominant picture in your home's online listing it will have a huge effect on the impression that buyers have of the home. A clean and cared for exterior is typically what buyers are looking for. They want to know that the home and the grounds have been important to the owners and that they have taken pride in the way their home looks. It can be hard for a buyer to take pride in something that the seller did not? There is also the fact that if the home's exterior is unkempt then it is likely that the same air of disinterest could apply to the interior of the home.

There are a few things that will automatically help the appearance of any home. Perhaps the most readily apparent of these is a new paint job. New paint help to make a home look newer and better cared for. Your choice of color should not reflect your own personality but should be chosen from a neutral palate in order to appeal to a greater cross-section of buyers. Also the yard itself should be in elite shape for shows. If you don't have the time to do it yourself due to work or the rush of the move then bring in a landscaper to tend to the lawns, gardens, bushes and trees. There really is nothing more important in home sales then ensuring that people are impressed when they arrive at your home to view it. Buyers have been known to simply walk away from a home that they are unimpressed with, don't let that home be yours.