Condo Lifestyle

by : Randy Zlobec

There is one thing that is true of modern life, it has become much busier. Time really seems to be at a premium these days and there is hardly enough time to get everything done in a day. Well, one nice aspect of condo living is the simple fact that with everything in terms of maintenance taken care of, people have more time for the important things like family and friends. Taking care of a single family detached home or even a town home can take quite a bit of time and that is time that some of us simply don't have. In a world where the cost of living is rising and wages aren't. many of us need to put in more time at work and don't need the extra hassle of maintaining a home as well. For these people condos are ideal.

The idea with a condo is that you as an individual own everything inside your walls while the rest of the building is joint owned. A monthly condo fee is responsible for the day-to-day repairs and common area maintenance and is contracted out so that the owners do not have to worry themselves about finding time to do the yard work so to speak. In fact, unit owners are not responsible for any maintenance outside their front door. Everything, including seasonal concerns like snow removal, leaf raking or just fixing minor roof leaks and exterior concerns. There many be things that will cost extra, that is in addition to the monthly fee such as unplanned repairs to the building or damage that is not covered by the HOA fees.

Be careful when purchasing a condo that you examine the contract carefully and that you know exactly what the monthly fees do and do not cover. In the past there have been some unpleasant surprises for owners. Education is key here, you must know what you are getting before you sign anything. Rushing into a purchase is never a good idea as too many things can get overlooked in the rush to make a quick purchase. Take your time and learn about what you stand to gain by this purchase.