5 Good Reasons To Retire To Florida

by : Gabriel Adams

Florida is a state that is particularly known for its retirement communities and its fair share of senior citizens. With Florida's throngs of seasonal tourists, college co-eds drinking and carousing during spring break, and miles of high-rises and traffic jams on congested highways, some may wonder why it is still considered a nice place to retire. Here are five good reasons why Florida is still viewed as the perfect state to spend one's "golden years".

1)In the United States mainland, southern Florida is one of the warmest places during the winter. With Florida's annual low temperature of 59 Fahrenheit, it is the perfect location for those seeking to escape the brutal winters common in the northern most U.S. states.

2)The state of Florida caters to its population of senior citizens. Retirement destinations such as Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Keys, Ocala, Tampa Bay, and those less known like Bradenton boasts numerous well-maintained retirement communities. Many of these communities offer on-site golf courses, restaurants, fitness centers, and planned activities for its members.

3)There are still retirement communities close to white sand beaches that are not well known and overpopulated with tourists. Bradenton is one such beach town. Being close to the Gulf of Mexico, activities like sailing and gulf fishing are just a stone's throw away. If senior citizens do not desire community living, single-family homes can be purchased on the canals and bays.

4)Not all retirement communities in Florida boast a "sun and sand" atmosphere. In fact, Dade City, located in central Florida northeast of Tampa, has oak trees, hills and quaint antique shops! This award winning small town is known for its friendly atmosphere, citrus groves, and ranches. Seniors wanting to retire to a quiet community with a small town feel, Dade City would be the perfect destination.

5)Yes, retirement is considered a profitable industry, enough so that Florida provides perks, such as property tax exemptions, to those planning to retire in Florida. The only requirements for legal residency are to establish a permanent home and make a sworn statement with the Circuit Court in the county of desired residency.