Todays Mobile / Manufactured Homes

by : Nelson Stewart

Well, mobile homes have come a long way in the past years. At one time the mere mention of a mobile home would conjure up images of a run-down box like construction that was in questionable shape. This old stereotype could not be further from the truth in regards to the mobile homes of today. In fact there are even luxury mobile homes being made that rival traditional single family homes. Along with this evolution of the mobile home has come the evolution of the mobile home park. These developments have come full circle from the typical stereotype and now have become developments that are offering some fantastic amenities and gated community security.

Many of these communities have evolved into the role of retirement communities and vacation home destinations. The accessibility that is offered by such a community is highly desirable, especially for those who spend the summers in northern areas then come south for the winter. Palm Gardens is a fantastic example of the new generation of mobile home communities, located in Mesa, Arizona this community is a revolution in design and luxury for mobile home parks. The community is constructed around two clubhouses that serve as community centers and meeting places for residents. There are pools located at each clubhouse as well as a variety of other amenities and exciting activities. This type of community has taken the idea of retirement living to the next level by offering a mobility and luxury that are seldom found and a care and thoughtfulness of design that is evident in almost every aspect of life.

One of the strongest aspects of this beautiful development is the location. It is the old adage in real estate that location is everything and Mesa, Arizona fits the bill. This area is home to a wild variety of golf courses, country clubs and exciting entertainment. This south-west flavor of the culture comes through in the way this scenic city lives it's collective life. Visitors will find this to be a well laid out and relaxing place to be. Whether you are simply passing through of coming on vacation, the splendor of Mesa and it's communities may just entice you to consider a slightly longer stay...