Flipping or Renting?

by : Jeremy Sposato

Investing in real estate has created more millionaires than just about any other type of investment. Why is this?? It is likely because investing in real estate (if done right) has the potential to create income at an amazingly rapid rate. Appreciation is the key to long term success in real estate while convenience and curb appeal are the defining factors of the shorter term holdings. Which kind of investment you seek purely depends on you and what you are looking or. If you have the time and the money to pay in the market for some time then renting is a great way to increase your equity and therefore your borrowing power Arranging mortgages so that they are completely paid by the renters with a little left over every month is a great feeling to have.

Of course, not all of us can afford the time that is required to be a professional landlord. This leaves flipping a home as the most likely candidate for an investment. Home flipping is all about fixing a home up and getting rid of it quickly before the monthly bills start to stack up. Home flip usually involve some renovations to bring the home up to par. Once there you can renovate a bit to improve the asking price of the home. Remember that you have a definite bottom line on this kind of investment where you cannot afford to spend any more money for fear of not being able to make it back when the home sells.

Investment can be a dangerous game to get involved in if you are unsure of what you are doing. You are naturally putting a lot of money on the line and would like some sort of a guarantee that you will see a good ROI. Unfortunately that is the thing with investing, you are taking a chance that your enterprise will make money. This is why research and education is so important in the investing world. You must be able to find the correct investments that will bring in profit and be able to manage them correctly so as to maximize their profit. Smart investing is where it's at, don't jump into anything before knowing what you are jumping into.