First Home Happiness

by : Charlie Pigeon

There is really nothing that can compare to the feeling of closing on your first home. That feeling is doubled if the closing has come and gone without incident of hang-up. it's unfortunate that more people don't get to experience the thrill of an easy and well ordered closing but there are so many things to betaken care of and so many issues to deal with in the average home sale that a stress-free closing is hard to attain. This process can be streamlined by the use of a professional and experienced realtor who can coordinate the closing and bear the brunt of much of the stress. This is why most successful realtors are bald, or on their way there.

Getting ready to purchase a home will have a huge impact on how smoothly the sale goes. If you are prepared for every eventuality then there should be no surprises. Enough cannot be said about doing a good amount of homework and research on the areas that you are considering moving into. And try to be specific about this, don't just research the towns; see if you can find information about the neighborhoods as well. If you are able to, it's a great idea to spend some time in the neighborhood itself. A quiet drive or walk through will familiarize you with homes in that area and try talking to some of the neighbors if they are available. This will let you know a bit more about the area and the people that live there.

From a financial perspective you should have your finances set up long before you start looking at homes. It can be a real pain in the neck finding a home that you love and discovering that you are not eligible for enough funds to purchase it. Most realtors will ask that you are at least pre-qualified for a mortgage and preferably fully pre-approved before showing you homes. This brings a certain note of confidence to the home buying process as both you and your realtor know that should the right home come along that negotiations and offers can begin immediately and the buyers does not have to scramble to get financing in place. Sellers never like to see subjects on the contract that state that the buyer has yet to secure financing. This can tie their property up in contracts while legitimate buyers are unable to bid. Making the buying process as stress free as possible for all involved is simply a good idea. There is enough stress to be dealt with in moving, why bring that stress into the buying process as well?