What My Worthless Sponsor Didnt Tell Me...

by : Glen Palo

...that he would not be around to help me build my network marketing business.

How many distributors have you known or know that have quit because they thought they were abandoned after joining their program? Are you one of those as well?

So, what is the solution to a worthless sponsor?

There is no perfect company or sponsor. All companies have unique sets of problems or challenges. Their product may be superior but the compensation plan is not perfect. Or their compensation plan is the best, but the training program is not so good. Hopefully, while doing your research and homework when selecting the company to join, you are picking the company with challenges with which you can live. The issue is picking the right company you feel most comfortable.

The same thing applies to your sponsor. But what your sponsor does or does not do has no bearing on whether or not you are successful with your business.

Beyond that, what is required is a realization or understanding of what business or environmental factors are totally within your control.

A simple life maxim is worry about those things you can control. Everything else is unimportant. The same thing is true in business.

As a network marketer, you have no control over:

  • the weather

  • politicians in Washington DC

  • what your worthless sponsor does

  • what your downline members do

  • what McDonald's charges for a Big Mac

  • who wins the Super Bowl or World Series

  • what your competition does

As a network marketer, you have control over:

  • the number of opportunity meetings you attend

  • the number of self-improvement and sales books you read

  • the number of people you contact

  • what time you get up in the morning

  • what you eat for lunch

  • your leadership skills

  • your commitment to learn

The key to success is to determine whether you can obtain the skills and resources to sell products and sponsor more people committed to learning. And if you have the burning desire to make a change in your life, then there should be no roadblocks to prevent you from getting what you need. It has been said that the fundamental to success is "learn, teach and teach to teach." With a commitment to learn, you've taken the first step.

Take a look at the successful people within your company. The successful networker has learned about the company and product, the necessary activities to succeed and the process of repeating the required steps. This is done through reading company product literature, attending meetings and contacting people. Attending meetings and reading company literature reinforces the distributors learning. Contacting people reinforces product and company knowledge. This is knowledge that the prospective client does not possess. The exchange of knowledge between you and the prospective client ultimately leads to the exchange of money for product.

These are the things that your worthless sponsor cannot do for you.