Improving Curb Appeal

by : Alan Olson

Selling a home has increasingly become a more difficult prospect. Buyers these days are seriously looking into the new condo developments that are shooting up in most cities around the country as viable alternatives to single family homes. As these developments offer a staggering array of extras, home sellers are having to become more intelligent and ensure that their home offering is as comprehensive as possible. Homes must now present a more impressive package, especially now as the real estate market has cooled off in comparison to the booming market of the past years. Buyers have become more educated on the real estate market as it has been such a hot topic both in the news and on television. The one thing that most of the programs that populate the airwaves is the fact that they stress the importance of curb appeal.

Curb appeal is one of the most important factors in any home sale. Without the power of curb appeal on your side there is little chance that your home can compete properly with homes that have had their curb appeal tended to. Today's market is all about setting your property apart from others and its time we discussed some ways to make this happen.

The First Impression - This is the essence of curb appeal. The first vision that buyers have of your home should be one of organized splendor. There should be no garbage or refuse anywhere and the yard should be painstakingly manicured. For that extra edge why not hire a landscaper to come in and "detail" your yard? Its amazing what a professional gardener /landscaper can do with an average yard. The basic idea is to present an image that buyers find irresistible. An image that beckons them to come inside and see what other excellent features that the home has to offer. Curb appeal is really a combination of many things. It is an expression of the care with which the home has been handled over the years and a statement of the pride that you as an owner take in the home. Buyers like to see that an owner has pride in their home because if they purchase it, they want to be able to have that same pride. It is difficult to take pride in a home that is not cared for. Your sense of pride in the home is readily evident in the way that your present it for sale, so make sure that you give your home the attention that it rightfully deserves. Look for more curb appeal details in my next article!