Gated Community: Lifestyles

by : Cyndi Gerken

There is a real surge in the development of gated communities in America. This is for a variety of reasons, some fairly apparent and some that are more understated. Of course one of the most well known aspects of the gated community is the safety factor. Most gated communities are gated for one major reason and that is the fact that access to the community can be controlled and monitored. By this method the developers have woven a crime prevention measure right into the fabric of the community itself. Many gated communities also employ security professionals to tend to the day to day security of the complex. Even the presence of a visible security force has been shown to reduce home based crime as criminals typically seek out easy targets that are unprotected.

Another innovation in the gated community has been the evolution of country club or golf communities. There has been a literal explosion of this type of community across the country. Country Club living is hard to describe in mere words. Waking up to beautifully manicured greens and fairways is truly something to behold. The purchase of a home in a Country Club community usually comes with all the benefits of club membership including full use of the club facilities. This is a valuable thing as many clubs come with much more than just a golf course. In fact the golf is just the beginning. Communities in development are adding many different recreational options to their plans and current communities are adding amenities at an alarming rate.

Golf course communities are becoming a highly prized luxury in this country as home buyers are demanding more for their hard earned dollar, and the country club communities are delivering the goods. With additional amenities such as spas, community meeting places, parks, fitness clubs and much more; these developments are offering buyers a package that was previously unheard of in the single family home market. These homes have incredible value and tend to retain that value and more over the years. With many such developments happening we are seeing a re-emergence of community based living in the single family home market.