Do I Need a Realtor to Sell My Home?

by : Kevin Bilberry

Good question. In fact, this is a question that is asked more commonly than one may think. Years ago it was a simple theory that if you wanted to sell a home you called your neighborhood agent and your home was listed, simple. This is not so true anymore as sellers are seeking ways to keep a bit more money in their pockets. In asking this question the main thing to think about is whether or not you are ready to do all the work that an agent typically does. So what is it exactly that an agent does do to sell a home? This is stuff that anyone who is considering selling their own home should know so that they can have a realistic gameplan for the home sale. You will need to know the specific steps that an agent takes and what your options are so you can make an educated decision when necessary. It never pays to rush into anything without knowing what you are getting into.

The first step that is usually taken in any home sale is determining the value and proper range of the asking price. This is largely based on similar homes listed in the area and homes that have sold recently. Once this is established then the particular assets of the home can be factored into the price, and it can be adjusted accordingly. Once the proper price has been determined for the home the agent then wheels into motion the advertising aspect of the sale. This usually consists of many different forms of media including newspaper ads, MLS listing, open houses and most notably in this age, website listing. The internet has become the front line of the real estate industry with more homes than ever being viewed and even purchased online. This is one aspect of the sale that any FSBO seller will have to consider carefully. Most agents have an established online presence that is hugely profitable in terms of showing the home to as many people as possible. One thing that can help this deficiency is finding a flat fee MLS listing and a national FSBO site where your listing can be posted to capture the attention of buyers across the country.

The final step is learning about the process of conveyance and what your role will be in it. Of course you will have to coordinate the shows and open houses but you should have little trouble doing this as you likely know the home fairly well. Be mindful not to appear to personally involved (this will be hard) as this can cause viewers to become uncomfortable. It can be hard for buyers to place themselves and their families in your home if you are telling them stories about the events that happened there. Keep it professional and it should go a little smoother. Finally, make sure that you have a certified legal professional involved in the closing and conveyance of title. Having a lawyer involved is essential in assuring that all legal aspects of the sale are proper and done according to law.