Home Flipping in Colorado

by : Kelli Bennett

With "home flipping mania" sweeping the country, everyone wants to get in on the game and make some money. The unfortunate reality of market, however; is the simple fact that the country's markets are cooling off and a real "buyer's market" is emerging. This is true of many areas across the country but there are a few places where the real estate market was not really subject to the fluctuations of the market over the past years and indeed, the market has seen only steady improvement. Colorado is a great example of this. For many years while the country's major markets saw a huge jump in value and popularity, Colorado's market showed a small and steady increase over many years. This slower growth gave the Colorado market a more stable base and allowed the communities to grow along with the market values.

It is unfair to say that the national market has entered a slump, but what is true is that home values have decreased somewhat and there are far fewer buyers than there were in the past years. Home sellers are having to compete more and more to get the good qualified buyers and as such those good qualified buyers are able to be more choosy. In spite of this market, Colorado has remained a great place to flip homes. The steady increase and the desirable areas such as Breckenridge that offer year-round activity have brought a great amount of value to the market and created a great environment for home flipping.

Flipping a home is all about finding the right market for the home you want to flip and in Breckenridge the market to go after is the vacation home market. The vacation home market is one that has also seen considerable growth in Colorado. As this state is home to the best skiing in the U.S.A. it is highly desirable to a certain type of home buyer. Marketing a newly renovated home in ski country can be an exciting thing to do as these kind of homes usually feature excellent access to the mountain, amazing scenery and great home value.