Vegas Development

by : John West

Like many cities around the country Las Vegas is growing and expanding at a rapid rate. The difference is when Vegas expands it does it with flair. Anyone arriving in Las Vegas these days will notice that there are definitely a few more cranes in the sky than usual. Construction is booming in Vegas and the city's industries are doing a great job of keeping up with the expansion. As everyone knows Las Vegas is probably the most popular destination city in the country and it is also a major player in the convention and trade show industry. One of the more recent developments has been the World Market Center which is housing an annual furniture/interior design show that features the world's finest designers and manufacturers.

Perhaps the most telling aspect of Vegas's development is the proliferation of high and mid-rise condo complexes. This trend has radically reshaped the Las Vegas housing market and its easy to see where the new focus is. Condos are springing up all over the city and bring developed by some pretty well known Las Vegas names. Hotels like the MGM Grand have created residential additions to their impressive resort locations giving residents the ability to live in the high-energy and dynamic world of the Las Vegas Strip. Speaking of the strip, with the development that is happening the Strip itself is expanding east and west along Flamingo and Tropicana, creating even more excitement for this amazing area.

These new developments have added a striking note to the Las Vegas skyline. This is a panorama that is already world famous and with such noted sights as the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel to the newly finished Wynn Las Vegas Resort to the scale statue of liberty at New York, New York and the gently slope of the pyramid at the Luxor; this is a skyline that is used to some astounding things. No other city lights up at night quite like Las Vegas and it is truly a sight to behold. Now imagine seeing that every night from the window of your new condo.