Home Staging and you

by : John West

In today's high-stakes world of real estate sales you may, at some time be approached by your realtor and be asked to have your home staged. This process is becoming ever more popular in home sales and as it gains popularity it becomes ever more necessary; due to the fact that staged homes simply show better. This simple fact has led to the explosion of the home staging industry and it takes little effort to find a stager in almost any town or city.Any stager will operated along the same principles; get rid of clutter and mess and improve the visual qualities of all rooms.This is true in all staging as homes in their lived-in condition can sometimes be harder to sell as they do have that "lived in" look. This can make it more difficult to sell a home as places such as this tend to impart too much of the seller to the buyer, thereby making it hard for the buyer to gain a sense of comfort in the home.

Comfort for viewers is incredibly important, too many prospective sales have left homes because they just "don't feel right." Much of the time this is due to your daily items being in their line of sight, This is one reason why some stagers will suggest that you use rental furniture specially chosen for the staging process. With rental or replacement furniture, the stager can tailor colors and patterns to compliment the home and you can get started on your packing without having to worry about showing an empty home. Unfortunately 'lived in" is not really the look you are shooting for here, what is preferable is the "showroom" look that you see in magazines and furniture stores. This has become the reality of home sales. Simply cleaning the home has ceased to be sufficient to ensure a quick sale and buyers are looking for something more in homes that they view and the responsibility to provide that has fallen to the seller. Sellers must supply more of a complete package than ever before and staging has proven to a great way to do this.