Keeping the Buyer in Mind

by : Nelson Stewart

So you have chosen to sell your home and are now wondering about how to attract buyers to your home. Beyond the work of your realtor there are numerous things that can be done to successfully attract buyers without carving a cavern in your wallet. Sometimes the simple things are the best things and this is true when selling a home. Think about things this way; most people when buying a home tend to think of things in 2 different ways. What they like, and what they will change. You can hear this kind of thing in any open house anywhere. People will walk through and mentally and verbally make changes to the home. No matter what you do as the owner, buyers will want to change things so the best thing you can do is give them a clean slate to work with.

Now don't freak out. This is not saying that you should remove everything from the home! What you might consider though, is the strategic removal of items and furniture. This will clear away distractions that could interfere with buyers being able to imagine themselves in the home and the changes that they might make. Sometimes referred to as staging, this process is basically just making the home show ready. It takes a keen eye to do this properly however. The problem is that your home is how you like it. It has your furniture, your art, your memories so it can be difficult to remove these things as they have sentimental value. Buyers will not see this as much as you may want them to. It can also benefit you by making the final move much easier after the home is sold.

Try to think about the kind of thing that your average buyer will be looking for. This includes things like new appliances or at least one that work properly and look good and don't stick out. Having matching appliances in the kitchen is a big bonus. A white stove and a black fridge just does not look quite right. Buyers will take note of this kind of thin and while it may not seem to be a huge deal they may gravitate towards a home where everything matches. If you take the time to ensure that your home presents an impressive package then you only stand to gain when the home finally sells.