Changing your View

by : Charlie Pigeon

Many people choose a home or condo specifically for the view that it offers. Unfortunately in today's ever-expanding world, sometimes that view changes. This is not so much of a concern in suburban areas where established single family homes are the norm, however in urban areas this can be quite an issue. Perhaps you have purchased a condo with a great view of the city and now there is a proposed development that has the possibility to block that view. Wouldn't you like the opportunity to have some input on what you will soon be looking at?

This kind of thing seems to be happening more and more as housing space in big cities becomes more and more valuable and more and more sought-after. Various home owner associations have found themselves wielding considerable power when it comes to dictating the development patterns that a particular city develops. Joining such an association can give you some say in what happens in your "backyard" as it were. As anyone can see in any city they care to look at, development is at an all time high and many of those developments are offering spectacular views of something. With constant development what may end up happening is great views of the building next door.

While not as much of an issue in rural areas and the suburbs, this kind of development can still affect an area. Many time home owners in smaller areas have been dismayed to find out there is a big retail development going in across the street or in their neighborhood. Naturally they are concerned about the impact that such a project could have on their small neighborhood and the ability to make their concerns and fears known is both comforting and productive. So don't stand idly by while your views and areas are put in jeopardy. If there is something happening in your area, make sure you know about it.