Condo Living in Denver

by : Jake Marsh

As with many major cities across the nation, the Denver real estate market's love for condos has continued unabated. Why is it that condos have become one of the most popular housing options ever? Much like the country's former love for town homes, beach homes, and level entry homes, condos are a trend that is here to stay. Part of the popularity is related to the availability of condos and their access ability in a financial regard. With many condos starting on the market at costs far lower than an average single family home, condos are ideal for first time buyers or empty nesters or even the average working couple. There are condo options out there that suit just about everyone and that is a major reason that they are so popular.

As space has become more of an issue in major cities, there has been more expansion upward rather than outward. This has allowed the formation of a huge condo community in almost any given city. Many of this kind of housing have ground floor shopping with the condos perched atop with fantastic city views. Not only does this offer great shopping convenience but it also has a relative amount of solitude as the stores are closed in the evenings. Another reason for the condo's proliferation is definitely the extras that many of the newer developments offer. Many condos have really evolved into complete lifestyle living situations with health clubs, and numerous other amenities.

One of the more popular trends in the world of condos is the ability to purchase them pre-construction. Typically condos in pre-construction sell for a lower price than they would when completed. This offers even more incentive to purchase as fantastic deals can be found on homes that will appreciate rapidly once completed. In fact the appreciation on this kind o purchase is enough to cause many professional investors to line up and purchase more than one unit in a particular complex. Another nice asset to this kind of purchase is the ability to design your own living space. Many builders will offer a host of options to customize your condo such as counter tops, cupboards, flooring, appliances and fixtures. For a lower priced housing option, this is a highly desirable feature. It is the kind of bonus that can only come when buying before completion.