Why you Should Buy Properties in Calabria

by : lazyurl

Calabria is 'Italy's Best Kept Secret', and is one of the most beautiful parts of the country, with perfect weather year-round and a relaxed, Italian way of life. Our Calabrian properties are the best value for money around, and for the investor it offers great rental potential and fabulous appreciation over the next number of years.

Prices start as low as ?33,000, and almost all of the are beach front or within a few minutes of the beach. A two-bedroom apartment in Calabria can rent for 3000 euro's a month in July and August.

The Calabrese People - Like the food they love, the Calabrese people are fiery and warm, open and welcoming. They will adore your children, welcome you into their homes and generally treat you like long lost friends. Traditionally hospitable and eager to share he beauty of the region they live in, you will find yourself making friends quickly and easily - and you won't want to leave! Calabria may be one of Italy's least famous regions, but the toe of Italy has played a large part in Italian culture.

The famous tarantella dance originated in Calabria, and famous Calabrians include the late fashion designer Gianni Versace, Charles Atlas (the original world's strongest man) and Hollywood actor Nick Mancuso.

Bianco - One of the hidden gems of the Calabrian region - properties are within walking distance of the town, by the beach and surrounded by picturesque woodlands. This is peace and tranquility, with some of the most beautiful scenery in the whole of Italy. Bianco delivers the taste of true Italy, flavours of a colourful past reflected in street parades and parties. There are spectacular wine festivals, open-air theatres and celebrations of the natural world.

Bianco and the neighbouring town of Bovalino both have a good selection of bars, cafe's and restaurants. For a traditional dining experience there are Italian trattorias or pizzerias, while keen cooks will find that Bianco has the finest ingredients imaginable, available from well-stocked supermarkets and stores. Calabrese cuisine includes a wide variety of colourful vegetables (this is one of Italy's main agricultural centres) so vegetarians will not be disappointed. The town has a chemist, beauty salons, an Internet cafe, boutiques, butchers and a delicatessen. There are also medical centres, post offices and banking facilities in Bianco and Bovalino.

The Capital - Reggio di Calabria - with its position on the Straits of Messina facing Sicily and the stunning snow capped peak of Mount Etna, is an elegant and dynamic place to spend time. It is from there you can get cheap, regular ferries to Sicily, to go scuba diving and visit some of the most breathtaking archaeological museums in Italy.

There are daily flights to Calabria through Ryanair from Stanstead to Lamezia, or alternatively from other parts of the country you can fly into Rome with Easyjet, British Airways or Alitalia, and then connect through Alitalia to Lamezia or Reggio Di Calabria (which is the regions capital).

Have you heard about the wonderful Inspection Trips? When you arrive at the Airport or Hotel, you are met by one friendly Property Consultant, their job is make you feel comfortable, and show you exactly the properties that fit your budget.

We hope that finding a bargain property in Calabria is your choice to find that dream home by the beach!