Time & Effort: Fsbo Sales

by : Kevin Bilberry

FSBO sales have been on the rise in America as buyers want to secure more dollar for their home sales and bypass the necessity of paying realtor commissions. In taking the plunge to sell your home yourself you essentially have to become a full-time realtor, handling a myriad of chores and duties while maintaining your regular life. This can be a somewhat vexing proposition but one that is unavoidable when entering the world of FSBO. So let's have a look at the kind of things you can expect when selling your own home.

First you will have to ensure that the home is ready to sell. Nothing new so far, this step is the same with all home sales. Staging has become a real necessity when selling any home these days as buyers want to be impressed from the time they pull up to the home to the time they leave (hopefully after being impressed enough to consider making an offer). Do yourself a favor and get any fixes or renovations out of the way before listing your home. You will have more than enough to do later without having to worry about repairs.

Marketing a FSBO is going to be one of the trickier parts of the sale. you will have to take advantage of free listing FSBO sites and you may want to consider paying for a flat-fee mls listing. This will help to get your home some buyer attention as the internet is the front line of today's real estate market. A significant percentage of homes are first viewed online and any seller would be remiss to ignore the importance of an internet presence. Realtors spend thousands of dollars a year establishing themselves on the internet so it stands to reason that there is merit to the idea.

Once your home is out on the market being promoted you then have to switch roles again and become your own realtor. This will mean being on hand at most hours of the day to field questions and inquiries regarding your home. You will also have to be available to show the home, sometimes at short notice. You may also want to try contacting local buyer's agents to advise them that your home is available for viewings. The more exposure your home gets the better the chance it has of selling quickly and for a nice profit.