Changing Condo Views

by : Danny Zita

If you enjoy the view you have from your condo windows or balcony, you should take the time and investigate any plans that may be in the works for new development in your neighborhood. New buildings going up in your area might change the view you have from your property. Rather than being surprised, decide if you want to get involved in city planning meetings after reviewing the development plans of your neighborhood.

I would suggest that you check with the local municipal office and find out who owns your neighboring property, what it's zoned for and if there are any construction permits that have been applied for or approved.

Development plans may take years to go into effect, but this time can work in your favor. This may give you the opportunity to plan and sell your property before construction begins.

Remember, if you chose to stay in your condo during the construction phase, you may need to wait for the development to complete before the market value of your property is restored.