Calgary Home Staging

by : Kerri Demski

Calgary is a booming real estate town. For the last few years Calgary has seen a drastic rise in home sales as home buyers have realized the allure of living in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. Calgary is a great place to live with no shortage of things to do, but with such a thriving real estate market the task of generating interest about your home sale becomes more important. Calgary is one of the top 3 real estate markets in Canada and buyers here know what they want so let's discuss how to give it to them.

The starting point of any home sale is the furious cleaning that is essential in giving your home the image that it needs to compete on the Calgary market. From top to bottom your home should sparkle and shine. For maximum impact the cleanliness of your home should be on par or better than your competitors. Check their listings online for an easy comparison. If you would be willing to eat off the floor, then it should be clean enough. However, it is not enough to merely clean the home, you have to maintain that level of cleanliness throughout the showing process. Buyers will arrive at your home with an expectation about what they are about to see. They will have likely seen the home online and what they see when they get there should exceed their expectations.

staging is not just about cleaning, it is about arranging your home into a complete presentation that is pleasing to viewers. It highlights the strong points of your home and showcases them to buyers in a manner that inspires them to explore the home further. This can be achieved in several ways, one is the strategic arrangement of furniture. The arrangement of furniture in a area has a drastic effect on the amount of space one perceives in a room. You will want to avoid setups that make a room feel congested or cramped. This may involve removing a piece or two but if it is needed then don't hesitate to do so. Also try to accentuate not overpower with accessories like art and flowers. Too much of anything in a home sale is never good......unless you are talking about cleaning!