5 Tips For Selling Your Home

by : Adrian Adams

3) Repair Everything You Can
It may seem like common sense, but you'd be surprised how many homeowners forget the big impact a little coat of paint can have. If you walk into a home and see scratches on the wall, cracks in the floor tiles, and water marks on the ceiling, it won't matter how beautiful the rest of the home is, because you're going to spend the whole time wondering what else is wrong with the place! Fixing the big things and the little things will make your home look well-maintained and inviting. Since a lot of your home's value is based on perception, you want potential buyers to perceive your house as a place that's worth paying more money for.

4) Make Additions
If it's in your best interest - and you can find this out from a Realtor or appraising specialist - add space to your home. The garage, porch and patio are not included in the square footage listing for your home, so if you can add even one more bedroom and a small washroom, it could increase your home's value by anywhere from ten to fifty thousand dollars. You do need to make sure that you won't spend more on the additions than you'll gain back though, as you don't want to find yourself taking a net loss down the line. Another easy addition to make that can significantly increase you home's value is a hot tub! A permanently installed hot tub is considered part of the full property area, and will allow you to start your home at a higher asking price.

5) Do A Little Yard Work
Again, value is based on perception, and if both the outside and the inside of your home are well-maintained, you're going to be able to ask for more money and have more traffic coming through your home. A few hundred dollars spent on landscaping will actually increase the traffic in your home by 200-500% - which could result in a bidding war over your home, if more people are interested in buying. What better way to get the maximum value than through a bidding war between buyers? Keep your grass cut, gardens tidy, your doors and windows fully painted and cleaned, and polish any metal on your door, railings, or gate.