Dallas Flat-fee Mls

by : Calum MacKenzie

Alright. So you have chosen to sell your home yourself. But how to get the exposure you need for your home? That, of course is the tricky part to FSBO selling. For many years people have tried to sell their homes without the benefit of a listing agent only to see their homes languish and eventually end up being listed with an agent. Well, VIP Realty of Dallas has a neat little way you can achieve the exposure you need to sell your home quickly while saving money on commission. The Flat-Fee MLS Listing.

As any home buyer or seller knows, the place to look for homes is the Multiple Listing Service. It gives a home national exposure and most importantly gives other buyer's agents the knowledge that your home is up for grabs. In a typical real estate transaction the seller of the home pays approximately 6% of the sale price to the agents involved in the sale. Now this is usually split between two agents, the listing agent and the buying agent. with the Flat-Fee MLS program you pay a flat fee up front for the MLS listing. Then if a buyer agent finds you a buyer for your home you pay only 3%. However, if you find a buyer for the home then you pay 0%. Essentially VIP acts as your listing agent for simply the flat fee.

One of the realities of the real estate world is that homes are rarely sold by their listing agent. Most home sales are made by cooperating MLS agents. hat is, there is usually more than 1 agent involved in the process. The more agents involved in the sale, the less money you will see at the closing. The Flat-Fee MLS listing program is for home sellers who want to save a bit of money on the sale and are confident that they can secure a home buyer for their property. The flat fee program is in effect because there is one other reality of the real estate world and that is that homes sell faster when listed on the MLS.