Buying: Things to Keep an Eye Out for

by : Eddy Kicker

OK, buying a home! Excellent! Let's have a look at things that any home buyer should keep an eye out for when shopping. Some of these things are things they any buyer should look for in terms of finding the right home, some of the other things will be things to be cautious of. Let's get started.

Motivated Sellers - OK, these people are like the holy grail of real estate. Finding someone who needs to sell fast can save you a huge chunk of cash and expedite the whole process. People who are in a pinch to sell will usually take a cut on the asking price in order to assure a quick transaction. If you can find these sellers then consider yourself lucky, they are not that easy to find.

Good Neighborhoods - Take the time to explore the possible neighborhoods in your chosen area. Talk to some of the residents to find out what their views of their community are. Ask about past problems and whether or not they have been resolved in a timely manner. The opinion of the local people is a great measuring stick for the functionality of the community.

Proximity to EVERYTHING! - How close is the proposed purchase to everything that is important to you? Naturally you will want to be close enough to work or school that the commute is quick and inexpensive. Also take into account shopping and recreational facilities. Make sure that you are within striking distance of all the necessities of life, it will save time and money.

Homes that have been for sale for ever! - Be careful with homes that have been listed for an overly long period of time. There could be reasons that they have not sold yet such as structural issues, liens or overpricing.

"Too Good To Be True" deals - If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be careful of people trying to unload problem homes or properties without disclosing all relevant information. Not only is it against the law but it can just be a huge headache.