Toronto Lofts

by : Al Daimee

Toronto is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and it has witnessed a boom in the apartment market. There are many upcoming new apartments, condominiums and lofts in both the main city and suburb areas of Toronto. Lofts are a new addition to the housing market and they offer many advantages when compared to traditional housing.

Toronto Lofts have a unique beauty to them. The open floor spaces with high ceilings, brick walls with an artistic rustic feel, and unique style make Toronto Lofts a very attractive option for urban dwellers. If you are looking for something exciting and out of the ordinary while still enjoying the convenience of the city-life, then Toronto Lofts are for you!

Toronto Lofts are of two types - Hard Lofts and Soft Lofts. Hard Lofts are converted from old historical or industrial buildings and thus have retro-style architecture. They carry a lot of heritage value. The resale value of Hard Lofts is very high because of the historical value associated with them. High Maintenance costs and lack of parking facilities are the downsides of Hard Lofts. Soft Lofts are newly constructed lofts with no real heritage value. They however do not have very high maintenance costs like Hard Lofts. They are better than condominiums in terms of space available.

Irrespective of its type, owning Toronto Lofts is a more of a lifestyle choice than any other. You can afford to leave yard maintenance behind you and gain the convenience of close-by shopping, restaurants, social activities, nightlife and many more all within walking distance from your own Toronto Loft.

With all the unique characteristics that a loft has, decorating a Toronto Loft can be both fun and challenging. Lofts have an open floor space and so unlike a house the decor cannot vary from room to room. It has to be furnished in such a way that everything flows together. Those with an artistic bent of mind, will find the exposed ductwork and open conduits of a hard loft very exciting. Thus, Toronto Lofts provide you with space flexibilities and let your individual expression be a part of your lifestyle.

One of Toronto's well- known loft communities is the West Side Lofts on Queen's Street. This is an 11-storied architectural masterpiece. King West Village is another attractive area for Toronto Lofts. It draws in young professionals who wish to connect to history through their homes and yet stay in touch with the city life. Those who buy Toronto Lofts have been able to avoid long commutes to work giving them more personal time to lead an enriching and fulfilling life all within the city.

The above are only a few of the advantages of owning Toronto Lofts. It is advisable to take the time and help of a well-informed Real Estate Agent to know more about the profiles of Toronto Lofts. This is one of the best ways to make a conscientious, well-informed decision. is one such site, which is committed to providing you the latest information and links about Toronto Lofts.