Get Your Gas Barbecue Ready

by : Kirk W. Nobbe

Why the refrain waits for spring is. Why wait for a ruined barbecue evening party or meal? Summer is short enough. Now is the time to clean and check your barbecue grill.

Amazingly people never think of servicing and maintenance of their trusted barbecue. After all when falls arrives it is time to put away the trusted barbecue safely away and forgotten. When the barbecue is unused it is put far out of reach and mind in a cold closed garage or shed. Or even away at the cabin or camp at the lake or beach.

Here are the common gas grill problems and easy solutions to fix any problems that commonly arise,

1)Burners on the barbecue that will not light or do not give much heat. When the barbecue burners will not light there is most likely an obstruction in the fuel supply line. This normally occurs in the gas line in the area between the off-on valve on the barbecue and the barbecue gas burner itself. Guess what just like a computer glitch it usually a "bug" in this case a poor dead insect who wandered the Wong way. Even when the valve is off, insects can get into and nest in the line.

How to fix this event: First turn off the propane or fuel tank completely. That is completely. Disconnect that fuel line. Next immerse the fuel line in cleaner and use a long, soft narrow wire to thoroughly clean the inside of the fuel tube. You can try standard soap and water - from a high pressure garden house or an auto parts cleaning or paint thinner type solvent. Do not use a highly flammable liquid like gasoline. It is more than dangerous and can ignite in less than a flash.

Ensure that the line is dry. Leave it out over a couple of days or blow it clean with an air compressor.

It is wise to replace the parts that were removed only after spraying them with soapy water on the connections to check for and ensure that there are no leaks on the connections on in the hoses. The leak will quickly and clearly be evident as the soapy water will bubble and show evident bubbles.

2)Uneven Heat From the Burner When Barbecuing. If you are experiencing uneven heat from the burners on your barbecue you can almost be sure that some of your burners are corroded or rusted away. The metal in a barbecue burner rusts just like a hammer or saw left out in the rain. The more expensive and large your barbecue is the more burners you will have and the more likely the problem of rusted and corroded burners.

When a burner is brand new all of the holes in the barbecue metal burner itself are all the same size. As you use the barbecue and enjoy it the grease and food somehow find their way to the bottom of the barbecue. As a result the silt and grease works to partially or even fully clog these barbecue burner fuel holes. Rust as well from summer rains wetting the metal burners works similar magic to result in uneven heat from the barbecue burners.

What to do. It is all very low tech and standard. It just takes a bit of time for routine maintenance. With an ordinary wire brush, such as you would use for paint scraping and an ice pick or thin screwdriver simply clean out the holes to make them as if they were all the same size and new again

Summer is short enough. Why waste your time and energy towards frustration at the summer barbecue whether it is in the backyard, at the beach or at the summer cottage or camp? Now is the time for a little routine maintenance and service of your trusted summer barbecuing utensil - your gas barbecue.