Living in the Dc

by : Justin Lee

Washington D.C. Our nation's capital. While one may tend to think of this area as the seat of Democracy and the federal government, there is a side to it that may not readily come to mind. The surrounding areas have quietly evolved into a wonderful area to live while the Capital area has gone about the business of the country's affairs both foreign and domestic. Montgomery County lies just north of D.C. and is known to be one of the most affluent counties in America. It is also the largest center for biotechnology in the U.S.A. and is the home to several large companies of note such as Lockheed Martin, GEICO, and Hughes Network Systems.

Montgomery County is one of the most highly educated counties in the country with 29.2% of the population over 25 holding advanced degrees of some kind. This is partially due to the excellent education system that is in place in this area, and the high priority places on education by the government's need for highly skilled researchers and workers. Campuses such as Johns Hopkins University, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the National Institute of Health are all headquartered here and provide an excellent opportunity for students to discover a career in the research and medical fields.

There is also a thriving home industry in this county with some of the more stunning homes reaching prices around $5 million. However there are more economical home choices starting around the mid to low $100k's. Despite being adjacent to one of the busier economic centers in the Nation, Montgomery County is a quiet and secluded area that is perfect for raising a family or simply finding that special home that is close to everything. This area is a natural choice for people employed within the Washington D.C. area who want a bit of peace and quite and to be a little removed from the bustle of city life.