Illinois Real Estate

by : Seth Willis Jr.

President Abraham Lincoln lived in Illinois for 17 years. He only left the place when he became the President of a country on the brink of the infamous civil war. Frances Elizabeth Willard of Illinois was also the prime mover for the women's fight for the right of suffrage. Illinois (Springfield) was the site where U.S. Grant first gathered troops for the Civil War. A colorful history places Illinois among the places to see in America. For the kids and the not-so-young at heart, the home of Superman exists in Metropolis, Illinois.


Located along the north-central of the U.S. Illinois is bounded on the north by Wisconsin, Iowa and Missouri on the west. Kentucky takes up the southern border and Indiana in the east. The Mississippi River almost takes up the western boundary.


The ideal location of Illinois gave way to the installation of first rate transportation infrastructure and world class educational centers. Illinois promises to be a good place to do business. Illinois is into warehousing, manufacturing, agriculture, banking, food, and chemicals. Industries also concentrate on fabricated metals, computers, electronics, plastics and rubber. Transportation equipments are also manufactured in Illinois.

Technology and Infrastructure
144 university-based research centers
71 federal research centers
Argonne National Laboratory is a leading federal laboratory prioritizing in technology and biotechnology


Illinois leads in the financial industry. It is the site of over 2,300 commercial banks. It has 2,000 insurance carriers, and 175 insurance carriers. The state has the financial capability of providing capital funding for commercial and industrial development.


Corn is the major agricultural produce of the state. This is followed by soybeans and feed grains. Illinois is the top five producers of swine in America. Livestock, dairy and poultry are also major income generating resources.


Illinois offers a choice of schools and universities. These offer varied programs from four-year programs to associate degrees. There are also online schools made available to interested students.

Sights to see

Donley's Wild West Town (Addison) - a recreated mining operation where you can watch the shows and get a ride on the C.P. Huntington Locomotive

American Indian Burial Grounds (Albany) - The burial mounds are recognized as historic sites

Mississippi River (Albany) - The river made famous by Mark Twain. The river is one of America's largest river systems

Alto Vineyards (Alto) - Red and white wines can be sampled on site

Snowstar Winter Sports Park (Andalusia) - Skiing pleasure and fun

Arlington Park (Arlington) - Thoroughbred racing

The Creole House (Prairie du Rucher) - See the French creole house built in 1800 and experience the lifestyle of the past

lllinois Waterway Visitor Center and Museum - Watch towboats along the Illinois River. The center provides learning tours about the locks and dams controlling the water flow along the Illinois & Michigan Canal.

Illinois Real Estate

An Illinois real estate is patronized by many. Of course the reason for this is obvious. And that is because an Illinois real estate is near to all the good things that can only be found in Illinois, such as tourists attractions, excellent education, agriculture, technological, and industrial facilities.