Gated Communities, Palm Gardens

by : Nelson Stewart

In recent years the prevalence of gated communities has increased drastically in the U.S. There are several reasons for this jump in popularity. Security is a prime motivating factor behind gated communities. These types of developments provide a greater level of peace of mind and safety in a time where home based crime has risen astronomically. The concept of having a community surrounded by a secure perimeter has caught on and has proven over time to be a reliable deterrent for home crimes.

Secondly, the development of this kind of community has enabled the developers free range to incorporate as many added bonuses as they can conceive. Modern gated communities are a real lifestyle living options and by far the most popular style that has evolved is the 55+ community. This style of home situation provides a high class of living for adults who are seeking a mature environment and a quiet, relaxing home.

Palm Gardens is such a community. Lying just east of Mesa, Arizona; this retirement community offers a huge array of great extras to residents. Social interaction is the way of life at Palm Gardens and to that end the community offers a fitness club, heated pools, games courts, and many other refined luxuries. The community is made up of several different neighborhoods bordered by lush greenery and interspersed by beautifully landscaped streets and parks with two different clubhouses for organized activities.

Palm Gardens is also one of the premier RV communities in Arizona. If you are one of those people who chooses to summer in a different area then escape to the sunshine of Arizona in an RV, Palm Gardens is the place to park.