The Ideal Destination for a Second Home

by : Sacha Tarkovsky

Costa Rica is the ideal destination for buying a second home, prices are currently still inexpensive, but capital gains and the rental market is strong.

Costa Rica offers affordable beach front property just a 2 hour flight direct from the US at prices that are up to 70% less!

Let's look at why buying a property investment property in Costa Rica is so appealing:

Real estate Prices in Costa Rica are rising

For example, buyers that purchased a $30,000 property just 15 years ago, on the Pacific coast near Jaco now find that their property is worth as much as $800,000.

Another example in the same area can be seen at the Los Suenos Resort, where the Marriot corporation pre sold fifty condominiums of 2000 square feet for $250,000.

The next year, Marriot sold another batch at $350,000 and the following year these Condos were selling at $550,000 or more.

Property in Costa Rica despite these prices remains very competitive in terms of price.

While many investors or buyers have tried neighboring countries such as Nicaragua and Honduras to get cheaper deals the risk is high and the gains are not as consistent or the risk as low as in Costa Rica.

Why Prices are rising and will continue to rise

In fact many people are making 30% + per annum on their properties and getting extra cash from letting.

Property prices in Costa Rica will continue to increase in value as its an established market, giving Americans all the comforts of home (nearly 100,000 have bought property here already) in a beautiful country with affordable second homes.

You can of course make bigger than average gains and here we need to look at location.


When buying property in Costa Rica, you need to look at the established resorts and the infrastructure - which when completed will improve an area's value.

Here are some examples:

Roads Expansion:

A new freeway is scheduled to be completed link the largest metropolitan cities to the Central Pacific Coast.

This will fuel buying interest in adjacent areas as access becomes easier.

A New Marina

The largest marina in Costa Rica will be completed soon in the Town of Quepos not far from the already popular town of Jaco.

A New Airport

A new airport is being built at Orotina making international access easy for the whole area

If you buy before infrastructure is completed, then you will be able to take advantage of strong rises when the crowd decides to buy after completion.

Buying Property

Costa Rica is one of the safest countries in which to buy overseas real estate.

It has a solid stable democracy, no military, a government that encourages investors from abroad, and grants foreigners are entitled to the same rights as Costa Rican's.

Buying is also tax efficient and there are many specialist Realtors to help you pick the right property for you in terms of budget and capital gains potential.

Demand remains strong

The baby boomer generation what affordable beach front property and a low cost of living and Costa Rica provides all this - in one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

Costa Rica is beautiful.

Pristine sandy beaches crystal clear blue waters, rain forest, volcanoes, as well as a great climate with no weather extremes and an infrastructure that is as good with many industrialized nations and is certainly the best in Central America.

Costa Rica offers a second home that will give you your own piece of paradise at a cost that's affordable.

That's why prices will continue to rise.

Big Rewards in paradise

Buying a second home in Costa Rica is a solid investment, which looks set to reward savvy investors with great capital gains in the near future.

Not only do you get an appreciating asset, you also get an income if you want to rent it or a great holiday home should you choose to get into the Costa Rica lifestyle.

Buying property in Costa Rica offers a lot in terms of lifestyle and capital gains and is within the reach of most investors.

Discover the benefits of Costa Rica and you maybe glad you did.