Tips for Finding Good Deal

by : Russel

Here are few tips of how you may go about finding some good deals:

Look at bulletin boards, home papers and small independent publications. This goes for every publication you get. Make certain you get one of the first copies off the press. Go to the facility that houses the presses and find your copy before the ink has a risk to dry. Let no one hit you to the punch. Better yet, advertise yourself and get people who are thinking about selling to call you before they actually tell the world through an ad.

Look at the legal part of the newspapers. Contact heirs and attorneys, and sales in the garage or estate sale sections. Also, 20 percent of people who have garage sales are preparation on moving soon. Ask about their house or their neighbor's homes. Always keep your aerial up! Your odds of triumph increase when you want large population centers and stay in the market constantly on the lookout for your type of deal.

Look for vacant houses that are run down, fire injured, or abandoned, with city notices evident. Talk to the neighbors of these homes. They typically know who owns it and what is going on. They have an interest in seeing it reinstated to beauty. It certain is a shame you can't look in the mailbox to see who is getting mail at the property in question-wouldn't that be easy? Walk up to a property and look in a window to verify that it is indeed vacant-but don't imperil yourself by getting bit or shot! Use common sense. Contact out-of-state owners through property records or by letter and/or phone. Leave your cards on the door.

Real estate agents are going to try to sell you something! When you loom them be very exact with them and tell them to call only if they have a total steal. Ask agents to give you those expired listings since they couldn't sell them. Suggest a 2 percent commission if they would help with closing the paperwork after you make the deal with the seller on your own.

Don't be so choosy. If the property is a total steal, lock it up and sell it to somebody who does like to work with that type of real estate. Get the option and hand it off to a new buyer. Look for upset sellers in addition to troubled property.