Arizona Real Estate

by : Seth Willis Jr.

The Land of Arizona

Contrary to popular belief, Arizona real estate is not synonymous with cactus. Erase the picture of the lonesome wilderness with only the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote disrupting the terrain. Of course, that kind of landscape are still here and there but the fact is, Arizona today is one of the fastest growing states in the United States. A lot of people are drawn to investing in Arizona real estate because of its quality education, booming economy not to mention its popular and attractive areas of interest and of course who could forget the Phoenix Suns?

Short History

Also know as the "Grand Canyon State", Arizona joined the US in 1912 as the 48th state. The name Arizona originated from the term "arizonac". The word is actually two Papago Indian words that means "place of the young spring". Recognized for its bountiful cactus growth, the saguaro cactus blossom is Arizona's national flower, while its capital city is Phoenix.


With a total land area of 113,635 square miles, the sixth biggest in the United States, Arizona has an estimated population of 5,939,292 people in 2005. The climate, which is dry and sunny, is ideal for outdoor activities. Snows can be seen capping the tips of the high central areas.

Real Estate Situation

A lot of people have picked Arizona as one of their favorite places to be. Investing in Arizona real estate means the prospect of being close to the state's powerful landscape, while enjoying the vitality that is offered by the major cities.

Experiencing Arizona's vivid scenery is also truly convenient. Its metropolitan centers are not that far from the natural wonders that the state is so famous for. Once you have your piece of Arizona real estate, unwinding at the Grand Canyon or at Lake Mead is certainly within your reach. Literally.


The most significant industry in Arizona is manufacturing. Arizona real estate is ideal for those who are into the state's primary products, namely aeronautical objects, communication and electrical items. It is also the producer of more than half of the country's supply of copper. Arizona's economy also relies greatly on agriculture which includes breeding of cattle, production of dairy products as well as cotton.

Places and Activities

Aside from the Grand Canyon and Lake Mead, other places for rest and recreation include the Painted Desert, Fort Apache, the Petrified Forest, Hoover Dam and Lake Havasu City's reconstruction of the London Bridge.

For camping and hiking aficionados, you won't get tired of Arizona's various sites for these activities. There are five major parks to choose from, two of which are Dead Horse Ranch State Park and Fool Hollow Lake Recreation area. In these parks, you can camp, fish, canoe, hike and enjoy the view of the wildlife. For those who are into fishing and hunting, Alamo Lake State Park is the place to be.

If you're more of the "lounge around" type, you don't need to go far from your Arizona home in order to unwind. There are also popular resort areas there, as well as cultural sites for the Native American heritage and quaint historic towns.