Getting Ready for the Big Show

by : Joshua Keen

At some point during the process of selling a home; your realtor will undoubtedly want to hold an open house. Let's think of this as "The Big Show." Whether people are just looking or are serious about buying, this is the time when more people will see your home in one go than any other. Keep in mind that while the open house for the public may be "the big show," it is the open house for realtors that is "the really important show." The "realtors only" show can determine the kind of traffic or interest your home will get. If your property is impressive during this show you can expect a good number of their clients to make appointments to look at your home. Also, the other realtors might inform their clients that you have another open house planned. So be sure to prepare properly for the open house.

Cleaning is always the best place to start in preparing for a home showing, You may even want to hire a professional cleaner to make the home that much more presentable. Following that it's a good idea to remove to remove any pets from the home as their presence can be a concern during a show. Not only is their smell a concern but you home does not need to compete for attention with your adorable but attention hogging hound. He may be cute as anything but that is not the point right now. In fact, all of your family should not be present at the showing. Having the owners present at a showing can complicate the sale for even the best & most experienced realtor.

Your absence from the home is for a number of reasons; but the most notable of these is the fact that many buyers will not fell comfortable commenting on things that they do not like with the owners there. Buyers must be free to comment and question as they see fit, whether it is negative or positive. It is important that buyers have a sense of freedom when viewing a home