Staging your Arizona Home

by : Robert Nachman

Staging a home is a critical step in the selling of any home. Many people simply refer to this process as "cleaning", but over the years a simple clean that was once more than enough, just doesn't hold up anymore. Home staging has developed into an industry unto itself with businesses offering home staging services cropping up everywhere. Realistically, you should be able to take care of most of this kind of thing yourself, assuming that you have a bit of time to spare.

Most home stagers will work with what is already existing in your home. Renovations and large changes are not typically whet a stager is concerned with. Although, if you decide to do this yourself, then you may choose to make some drastic changes to the theme of your home. The first step of any staging process is to remove clutter. Take a quick look around your home. What is not necessary? Is there furniture and excess "stuff" lying around? Do rooms seem closed or "too busy?" Part of staging is arranging the furniture and decorations into a pleasing configuration that highlights the features of a room while providing open access to the room to viewers. Walkways within a room should be clearly defined and visitors should not have to go out of their way to move about the room. Essentially a room should have an open feel and a "flow" that is pleasing to the eye.

Try to think in terms of your home being on display, as that is what will actually be happening during the sale. Your home needs to be memorable to viewers who come to see it and create interest in those who view it online. Take the time to create a special atmosphere for prospective buyers, they will appreciate the effort.