Home Buying: Exterior Concerns

by : Preston Guyton

When buying a home there are a myriad of concerns that you should deal with before making the final commitment to buy. One of these concerns should be the condition of the exterior of the home. This does not merely refer to how the outside looks, rather the actual condition of the home's exterior and the materials used to construct it. There will be different concerns depending on what your home's exterior is made up of, wood, stucco, brick or other stone surface materials or even vinyl or aluminum siding.

One of the most common exterior surfaces is wood. Unfortunately wood is more susceptible to the elements than other surfaces and termites and other bugs can become a problem if not discovered early on. Before buying a home with a wood exterior make sure that you inspect the wood for weather damage and wear. All exterior wood should be properly weather sealed and maintained on a regular basis. With stucco there are a different variety of concerns. If improperly prepared, stucco can be porous and allow moisture beneath the surface of the home. Also, all seams and corners must be properly sealed to prevent leakage. Water damage can lead to stucco crumbling and to the materials beneath it rotting.

Brick and stone brings another concern to the table, this mainly refers to the cracking of the mortar that holds the stones in place. It is something that can be fairly easily repaired but the difficulty comes in recognizing the problem when it begins. Hopefully this article has not spooked anyone on buying a home. These problems occur when homes are constructed improperly or when mistakes are made during building or renovation. Be sure when you buy a home that you take every aspect of the home into consideration before committing. It will ensure that you are a happier home owner in the long run.