Are your Ready to Make an Offer?

by : Cyndi Gerken

Buying a home is exciting isn't it? There is a certain exhilaration to the process that is quite unlike anything else. Perhaps it is because of the *sizeable* price tag that is typically associated with a home purchase. Buying a home can also be a very stressful time so it pays to make sure that everything is in order before diving in and making an offer on a home. This article should help to serve as a rough checklist that can help you prepare for this purchase.

Possibly the most important thing to have before you make an offer on a home is an approved mortgage. It may seem like a simple common sense thing, but enough offers are made without financing to back them that it is worth mentioning. More and more sellers are requiring that potential viewers verify that they are "qualified" by showing documentation from a mortgage lender that indicates that they have been pre-approved for funding. So go and make sure your funding is in place, the sellers will take you more seriously.

Another thing that you need to have is an idea of what you want. Now most people will already know what it is they are looking for; however, this is different than actually making a list of home necessities. Make a list of the things that you cannot possibly be without. This is important as it will give your realtor something to work from when looking for homes for you. Having such a list can also easily eliminate homes and save you time in the search process.

The last thing that you will need quite a bit of is patience. Sometimes homes can be found and bought in a day or sometimes it takes a lot longer to find that home that is perfect for you. Don't be in a rush to buy a home that isn't going to make you happy. Take your time and be sure about your purchase, buyer's remorse is a horrible thing. A home should be just that, a home. Make sure the one you buy is truly the home of your dreams.