How To Apply For Your Va Loan

by : Iprwire Staff Writer

Are you shopping for a new home and now need to think about financing? If you have been in the military-and was honorably discharged-or are currently serving, you may want to consider a VA loan, because there are many advantages. The process is no more or less complicated than applying for any other type of mortgage. With benefits that come with this type of financing, it is worth a shot. The worst thing that will happen is that you will be denied and you have to look into other financing options. Of course, you can get this type of loan for debt consolidation or refinance, too!

If you are wondering whether you are eligible to apply, you can contact your local veterans office and ask them about the eligibility requirements. The requirements are fairly simple, though. You simply had to have served in the military sometime between World War II and the present. If you served during wartime, you need to have served at least 90 consecutive days. If you served during peace time, you will need to have served at least 180 days. Only those who were honorably discharged are eligible to apply for a VA loan.

Applying for this type of financing is done just like with any other lending program. You will need to fill out an application with your financial and personal information to be reviewed by a mortgage lender. You will also need to provide your Social Security number so that your credit report can be pulled. A mortgage lender will be interested in whether or not you have been able to fulfill your financial obligations in the past. Your overall credit score is often a determining factor in being approved for a VA loan.

Those who are approved for this type of financing may enjoy benefits like no down payment, 100% financing, no maximums on loan amounts, and no prepayment penalty if you decide to pay your loan off early. Many veterans also enjoy really great interest rates when they are approved for this type of financing. While the market and interest rates generally fluctuate quite a bit, these rates remain very reasonable. The bottom line is that they make the home-buying process more affordable to veterans.

If you would like to apply for a VA loan, visit VA Loans Today at This website is not run by the government but specializes in this type of financing. It has enabled many veterans to apply for and receive their funding efficiently. The application to get the process started is available right on the website, as is all specific eligibility information to determine whether or not you should even bother with applying. This website will allow veterans to get all of the information and the financing they need in one place and is very easy to use.