Peaceful Sleeping Environment for Children

by : ARA Content

(ARA) - Is daylight-saving time wreaking havoc in your home? Is it difficult to get your infant to sleep in? Do your kids keep informing you "It can't be bed time, the sun is still out"? How about when the summer ends and it is time to get your children back onto a school schedule? Let's face it, just because the calendar says September, that does not mean that the sun no longer shines through the bedroom windows.

If any of these situations sound familiar then you will be relieved to know about Redi Shade room-darkening window shades. Redi Shade is a pleated window shade made of heavy-duty paper that hangs quickly and effortlessly using a peel and stick strip. Weary parents can turn to room-darkening shades to cover children's windows easily and keep the sun from shining in their rooms, preventing sleep.

"Parents have wrestled for years to get their babies or small children to sleep when the sun blazes into their bedrooms. Now with room-darkening Redi Shades, keeping the bright light out of rooms is a snap. Originally conceived as a temporary solution to covering bare windows, parents can now provide a dark and calming atmosphere to bedrooms at minimal cost. Whether you have children or a day sleeper in your home, these room-darkening shades provide a tranquil environment," says company spokesperson Janice Wohlert.

Redi Shade room-darkening shades are currently available online at as well as select Home Depot stores. For more information, contact Redi Shade at (888) 608-6611.