Top 5 Reasons To Live In Apex, Nc

by : Gabriel Adams

Nestled in the suburbs of Raleigh, North Carolina, Apex is a relatively small family friendly town with more than a few good reasons to live there. With a motto like "The Peak of Good Living" what else could it be, but a top notch home? Five good reasons to live in Apex are almost a no-brainer, and with such a beautiful countryside, it's almost hard to stop at five.

Positioned so close to the State Capital of Raleigh and the industrial center of North Carolina, Apex is a perfect location for finding work and getting a decent head start on the grind of east coast living. The unemployment rate is near non-existent and median incomes are in the $70,000+ range.

Alternately, Apex offers the feel of a small town, complete with a country style, turn of the century downtown setting and friendly people without the worry and stress of big city living. For those with a big city job and the stress that comes with it, finding a quiet little home in Apex to nestle your family into is a wonderful relief, especially with such a small town atmosphere.

With an exponentially growing population, the city has still managed to maintain that small town atmosphere and offer a wide array of state of the art services and offerings. The school system is top notch and the growth of the city is being handled with the care of a small town and the heart of entrepreneurial spirit.

The school system is part of one of the most developed, respected systems in the country, with colleges and universities in the area including Duke, NC State, and UNC at Chapel Hill. The Triangle Area offers a wide array of educational options for learners of all ages.

Voted the #1 small town by Business North Carolina magazine in 1994, Apex is one of the better little big places in the state to call home. Though it has grown considerably, there are no shortages of the kind of loving small town amenities that make some of the South's best homes and in turn some of the country's. For those looking for a good place to settle down with a family and a good job in the Research Triangle, you could do no better than and a whole lot worse than Apex, North Carolina.