Top 5 Reasons To Live In Clayton, Nc

by : Gabriel Adams

Finding a good home in the best of the North Carolina's small towns might seem a daunting task, if only because there are so many good, small communities out there with beautiful landscapes and top notch living arrangements. Towns like Clayton, North Carolina are just such perfect towns and offer what every good family raising destination should, good quality living with a small town atmosphere and wonderful neighbors. The reasons to consider Clayton when deciding where to move in the Raleigh area are growing, but I'm going to give you just five.

Only a few short miles from Raleigh and the industrial and educational centers of the state, Clayton is a town that has recently begun to look mighty good to the hundreds of thousands living in the area. With so many high paying jobs in the Research Triangle, it's only natural that the average household income in the area is a fairly decent wage and that the quality of life is so high.

Home to an ever growing Chamber of Commerce and the recently built Research Training Zone, a joint venture with the county and NC State University, Clayton is quickly turning from small town to developing landscape. Because of the beauty and untouched nature of the surrounding area though, developers are taking special care to maintain the charm of the small town.

Sitting in the heart of North Carolina's biggest Educational sector, Clayton is in perfect striking distance of any number of major Universities; schools like Duke, NC State, and UNC at Chapel Hill. The location also makes its developing public school system a top notch program, quickly growing and developing.

As with any small town area rapidly growing, the housing costs are sure to rise, but at the moment it's as good a time as any to hit the housing market and pick up one of any number of homes at a cost well below the national averages in a soon to be much larger market.

It's not all housing and industry though in Clayton. The area is still a part of the old south and the atmosphere matches that accordingly. Right along side the new businesses and developments in the area are ages old memories of turn of the century stops for developers. The town, like many towns its size, is a tribute to the past and the future alike and a great place to settle down and live for those in central North Carolina.