Before Buying: Things to Do

by : Steve Proski

One of the most important things about purchasing a home is to find out about the home's history and the history of the neighborhood. Usually the seller's info pack will include a few things, but you should always make sure that you get a property disclosure statement. This statement is a list of everything that the seller knows about the home, positive or negative. It should include things like mold damage, fires, and any other kind of concern with the actual home itself. If a seller knows about a problem, it MUST be disclosed on the statement. If it is not disclosed then the seller had placed themselves in an awkward position where they can be held financially responsible for repairs or damage.

When considering the purchase of a home, take some time to speak with the neighbors. Ask them about their experience living in the area. Are there any concerns that you should know about, or maybe problem people? This is also a good time to ask neighbors about the home that you are thinking of buying. Perhaps they know of some damage that occurred to the home that is not mentioned on the disclosure statement. It's also kind of nice to have some familiarity with the neighbors and area prior to moving in. Feeling like you are already a part of the community before you arrive can significantly reduce the stress of moving into a new area.

It is also a good idea to spend time investigating any neighborhood before you move into it. This research should include everything from educational facilities and recreation areas to crime statistics and property tax rates. Also, consider the area's political past and future. This can have a big effect on the developmental future of any community. Wouldn't you like to know if they are planning on putting a huge shopping center in your backyard? Or a new highway? The economic future of an area is a big deal that will have a big impact on you and your family for years to come. These are things that you should definitely know before you commit to a new home.