Arizona Real Estate and the Importance of Remodeling

by : Nick McConnell

Being a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage and after viewing so many homes with many clients, remodeling your home may be of paramount importance. In and out of so many homes, people seem to want the newer, more modern style.

Many homes in the Scottsdale, Arizona area are getting older and there is hardly any land left to build new homes. There is plenty of land in Arizona to build new homes, but most of the building is going up on the outskirts of Phoenix in cities such as Surprise, Queen Creek, Casa Grande, and Anthem.

The people that want to buy in Scottsdale are not going to be able to buy a brand new home unless they knock the home down with a bulldozer and start from scratch. If you are a home owner, here are some suggestions that may help increase your re-sale-ability. Granite counter tops in the kitchen would probably be your number one. Try to make sure that the granite you pick out compliments the paint in the kitchen. If the paint in the kitchen is out-dated, you may want to consider re-painting the kitchen, and doing granite counter tops.

When discussing flooring, it seems every one prefers tile over any other type of flooring. Tile in the bathrooms and kitchen would be a great place to start. The really big twenty four inch tile is more popular than small tile. When thinking about doing tile in your home, ask a professional tile expert about which tile would look best. There are so many minor cosmetic things a home owner can do to make the property look more desirable.

So many homes appearances are absolutely destroyed by paint issues. People get bored, or they think they are professional painters, and decide to paint a room bright purple, or pink, or green. There is no problem with painting a room a color you like, but if you decide to sell the home, have all the walls re-painted back to the original colors of the home. Paint is such a cosmetic item, and such an easy fix. If possible, try to have the entire house one color such as white or light beige. It may not be a good idea to have dramatic colors through out the home. Your taste in style is probably not the same as the people that are coming to view your home that may possibly purchase your home.

Light fixtures are a relatively easy fix. Out dated or old light fixtures can be easily replaced, and are relatively cheap. Old corroded faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms is also a relatively easy fix, and not too expensive. Electrical outlet covers, probably the easiest of all, can be replaced extremely easily. If they are cracked or missing, take the extra time to replace them.

When someone purchases a home in Arizona, ninety nine percent of the time they are going to do an inspection on your home. When the buyer does an inspection on your home, their inspector is going to notice every small detail. Many reports include problems such as slow draining sinks and bath tubs, electrical outlet covers cracked or missing, light bulbs out, doors do not open and shut properly, cracked tiles on roof and many other minor issues. The fewer things an inspector puts on a report, the better that is for the seller.

Major remodeling projects might include adding a pool, or a basketball court, or a putting green, or even a playground type structure for the kids. A pool would be an extremely lovely upgrade for a home in Arizona with out a pool. It is so hot in Arizona, and homes with pools are not as common as one would think.

Unfortunately, no guarantees can be made that any of the above mentioned items will increase your property value, or guarantee that your home will sell. There are never guarantees when discussing Real Estate. The above mentioned items may or may not help when selling your home. Do not attempt any of the above projects without consulting with a licensed, insured, trained professional first.