Using a Realtor

by : Alan Olson

Selling a home for top money and in the shortest amount of time requires two things: a home and a realtor. Why is a realtor required to make this process as stress-free and painless as possible? Simple. Realtors are trained professionals. They deal with this process on a daily basis. In the process of selling a home there are likely no hurdles that they have not experienced before, no situations that they do not have experience in. From the minute your home gets listed, they become the official representative of the home. An ambassador if you will. Its their responsibility to portray your home in it's most positive light and to garner as much attention as possible for your property.

Marketing is really one of the primary advantages that a good realtor can offer, in addition to their industry knowledge. Agents have access to a great marketing budget and network. This usually begins with the agent's website, a place where your home can be prominently listed. An agent will also have a variety of other marketing materials at their disposal, this can include things like newspaper adverts, mail outs, postcards, email campaigns and their already established network of contacts and other buying agents. These contacts will be the most important thing in selling your home as good relationships with buyers agents equals an exponentially higher number of potential viewers.

A realtor is also able to dedicate more time to your home. With your home being their main concern, it is at the top of the priority list. Many people who try to sell their homes themselves end up listing with a realtor because they simply can't dedicate the amount of time to the sale that is necessary. Life tends to take precedence over the home sale. Work, kids, family and so on can take valuable time, let the agents do the selling, you have a life already that requires your attention.