Using a Real Estate Agent in Bangkok

by : Neil Simmons

Using a Real Estate Agent in Bangkok

Should you trust Real Estate Agents in Bangkok? Well, as a real estate agent myself of course I will say yes. I have yet to meet a real estate agent in Bangkok who I wouldn't trust if I were a customer. Of course, as a competing agent, the majority I wouldn't trust. Unfortunately, those who I have had bad experience with have all been Thai, who more often than not want to cut the other party out. However, I have co-brokered very successfully with a number of foreign run agencies in Bangkok.

Having good work ethics within the real estate broker group will ultimately be profitable. All brokers in Bangkok deal with the whole of Bangkok, not a specific area, so we are all treading on each other's feet. However, with such a broad area to cover, there are of course thousands of properties for sale or rent. Having co-brokered successfully with a small number of my competing estate agents, I can confidently ask for their assistance if I don't have the specific property that my customer is looking for.

Buying a property in Bangkok is, unlike most other things, very easy. The actual transfer of title deed takes just a few hours. The title deed itself will show if there is any mortgage or other loan on the property, as details of these must be written into the deed. Hence, it is not difficult to check the owner's right to sell. Most people don't even employ a solicitor, although it doesn't cost much in Thailand and so you might as well for peace of mind. In fact, you could see a condo that you like on Monday morning, and own it by the close of business the same day.

If you have experienced difficultly with an estate agent in Bangkok, please let me know, I would be interested to see where the problems lie. You can email me on, or look on our website,