How To Hire A Mobile Notary For Your Next Refinance

by : Scott Krager

How To Hire A Mobile Notary For Your Next Refinance

You've been working with your loan officer or broker for some time now, and its getting close to sign all the important paperwork. The loan officer informs you that the escrow office is open 9-5, Monday through Friday. You and your wife both work until 6 each day, and requesting time off to sign loan paperwork doesn't seem like the best, what do you do?

You tell your loan officer you'd like to sign at home. At 7pm. Or 9pm. Heck, even midnight if you'd like! Just tell your loan officer that you'd like to have a mobile notary come to your home to sign the paperwork. You may have to pay a extra fee, but hey, no work missed, and you don't have to find a sitter for the kids!

If you are a busy professional, or just want the convenience and comfort of signing your loan paperwork at your choice of time and place, make sure you ask for a mobile notary the next time you sign loan paperwork.

Most mobile notaries work all times of the day, and coming to your house in the evening is not a problem, in fact, it's pretty normal.

Why Not Just Sign At The Escrow Office?

99% of escrow offices close at 5pm. Do you get off work by then? I didn't think so. Having to rearrange your schedule seems silly when an easy, and low cost solution can be found to the problem by hiring a mobile notary. The notary will work with your schedule, so you can sign your important paperwork when and where you want to. Also, just like the escrow office, the notary is an impartial witness, and so you won't feel any pressure to sign if you don't feel comfortable.

Do I Have To Find My Own Notary?

Normally no. Your broker should set up a notary for you, you can always refer the broker to to find a notary. That's it. Have a great time signing your papers, in the comfort of your own home.