Updated Home Security

by : Jim Hirschman

There have some amazing advances made in the world of home security in recent years. Security systems are becoming more and more futuristic and integrated into the home than ever before. There are now systems that will wake you every morning, moderate the temperature in the rooms, and operate home functions such as lights and fireplaces. You are even able to watch live images of the home on a PDA and operate the home's utilities from that PDA.

Alarms have really come a long way from the simple break-in monitoring systems that we are all familiar with. They have evolved into complete home control systems that as previously mentioned, can be operated by remote control from wherever you are. These systems are detailed enough to be able to alert you to a single room being entered and a particular cabinet being opened. They also have the technology to monitor front, back and garage door cameras, as well as watching for break-ins, smoke, fire, CO2 levels and also some systems have sensors that watch for burst pipes, leaking water or even overflowing tubs. Newer systems are now able to more definitely distinguish between pets and people and also have the ability to recognize patters in people's actions such as picking a lock, climbing a fence or trying to jimmy a door.

Sound pretty advanced? Indeed they are. That being said, the easier these systems are to use, the more complex they usually are. This requires qualified professionals to install and program. Never allow a second-rate or unlicensed technician install or mess about with your alarm system. Be sure that only professionals that are certified by both the monitoring company and alarm manufacturer are allowed to adjust or repair the alarm. This ensures both your safety and the guarantee that comes with the alarm. Be sure to educate yourself on every aspect of your alarm: what it comes with, what it monitors, all of the extras you have included with it, that way you will never be surprised. Protection of your home and family is a huge issue, so don't cut any corners.