Manufactured Cabinet Styles And Colors And Extras - Details

by : Pat McGuire

Not all cabinets for the house are made the same. Different cabinet makers have different layouts of design.

Hinges supplied by cabinet makers come in many layouts and colors. The different types are Half Wrap Hinge, Screw on Concealed Hinge Cup, Compact Screw-on Face Frasme Concealed Hinge, Inset Hinge, Overlay Knife Hinge, Overlay Hinge, and the Dowlled Concealed Hinge Cup with wrap around.

Cabinet and counter top door hinges come in several colors like Nickle and antique nickle, brass and antique brass, white and black and shiny chrome colors.

Doors for the cabinets come in several wood species wide grain wood like oak, narrow grain wood like pine and ash and poplar and fine grained wood like like cherry and birch.

Various door styles are available such as Square top, Crown Top, Round top, Valance top, and Arch top series.

There are a lot of decorative hardware options for pulls and knobs such as Beveled Knob, Classic Colonial, Ceramic White Mushroom knobs, Oak Leaf pulls and knobs, Large forged pulls and knobs, Twist pulls and knobs, Cristal knobs, among others

To spice up the kitchen there are plenty of accessories to purchase. Here is a partial list, Drawer Inserts, Wine & Stemware Racks, Appliance Garages, Tall Cabinet Fittings, Ironing Centers, Cabinet Lighting, High End Chrome, Susans & Corner Carousels, Base Cabinet and counter top Organizers, Lighting, Pantry Fittings, Custom Drawers, Under Cabinet and counter top Pull-downs, Pullout tables, Appliance Lifts, Trash, Waste & Recycling, Tambour Appliance Garages, Corbels & Ornaments, Stemware Racks, Television Extensions, and don't forget the following, Countertop Supports, Pole Systems, Spice Racks & Door Organizers, Closet Organization, Drawer Inserts, Door Organizers Towel & Toaster Storage, Hampers, Computer Accessories, Table legs and Bases, Drawer Organizers, That is a pretty good list that anyone should be able to pick at least one item from.

This is a partial list of things in a kitchen or bathroom idea to plan for. When you get your pencil and paper out just look here and see what else to shop for.

You can hire a contractor to help you decide or you can go to a retail cabinet store to get information.