Self Marketing your Home

by : Michael Peterson

Deciding to sell your home yourself is a big undertaking. Not only will you have to do the usual preparations that any home seller has to do, but you will have to take up the mantle of a realtor. This is something that a home seller can do quite easily if they are prepared for the task. One of the most important things that a FSBO seller has to do is try to advertise and market their home enough to attain the necessary attention and interest. The question is, what is the best way to go about this? There are a lot of marketing strategies that are usually open to a realtor due to their affiliation with a major brokerage, with major cash.

The first thing that a FSBO seller should do is get their home listed on the local MLS service. Another good thing to do is to find a FSBO website that operates in your area or nationally and get your home listed on that site as well. Then get a sign in the yard and start to explore the marketing options that are available locally. For coverage outside your immediate area you will have to rely on the websites and perhaps newspaper ads if you so choose. These are a great idea as a lot of homes are listed and noticed in the newspapers. Try to have your home listed in as many papers as possible. This is something that you will likely have to keep current for quite some time if the home does not sell immediately.

Finally, be ready to show your home anytime, and with little notice. When using a realtor, viewings will usually be arranged ahead of time, but when selling yourself flexibility is the key. This will mean that you have to keep your home in tip-top shape all the time. It may seem like a big chore but the end result is definitely worth the effort. There is nothing quite like selling your own home and seeing a great profit without having to pay a big chunk of that profit to a realtor.