The Importance of an Inspection

by : Jake Marsh

One of the largest mistakes made in real estate is the purchase of a home before it has passes a proper and certified inspection. There are more reasons for this than can reasonably be explained in such a short time so, the main reasons will be discussed here. Perhaps the foundational reason for having an inspection conducted before a home purchase is safety. You as the new owner should know about every safety concern dealing with the home in question. This ranges from everything from the base of the foundation to the tip of the roof and everything in between. You would not choose to live in an unsafe home and this is the time to find out how safe the home is. A good inspector will check every aspect of the home, the most important aspects being the strength of the foundations and the structural integrity of the home itself.

Inspectors also check to verify that the inner workings of the home are in proper working order. This refers to the electrical wiring, the plumbing system and all the related functionality that is associated with it. They can check to see if wiring is properly grounded and septic tanks (if any) are in working order. Also they should spend some time checking the roof for leaks and strength. A thorough inspector can also check the yard and grounds for any drainage problems that may or may have occurred. This can directly affect the foundations of your home as proper drainage is essential. One of the most important things that an inspector can check for is mold so make sure you hire an inspector that is educated and knowledgeable on the topic of mold in the home. Its a regular thing that mold is overlooked or mistaken for mildew. The two are certainly different and mold can have negative effects on the health of the residents of the home. This is particularly evident in those with a compromised immune system or allergies and conditions such as emphysema.

You can never be too careful in having your new home inspected. It is worth the time and effort to find an inspector who will treat your home as if it is their own. Get educated on the inspection process and don't settle for anything but the best.