Best Rural Places To Buy A Home In The U.S.

by : Real Estate Advisor

If you love to live in the country and are looking for the finest rural setting to settle down, what better place to choose from than America's top ten rural places? The February issue of Progressive Farmer features the top ten best places to live in rural America in 2007. These rural counties have been chosen based on statistics such as education, crime, health care etc. and as well as their picturesque settings. The ten rural places that made it to the top list are:

1. Barren County, Kentucky
Rolling farmlands, friendly residents, a rich historical background and thriving businesses attract settlers to Barren County. The County rates high on education with the County schools having some of the top scores in the State. The County offers rich country living amidst a background of strong farming heritage.

2. Warren County, Pennsylvania
A flowing Allegheny River adds to the picturesque beauty of the County as do its famed hills that give character to the milieu in each season. The breathtaking beauty of the seasons - whether it is the brightest green in spring or the intense reds and yellows of fall - makes Warren County a perfect place for every season. Nature's bounties include mild summers and winters, water spots that offer fishing and camping and the Allegheny National Forest with copious attractions such as skiing and snowmobiling. The County also has excellent schools.

3. Randolph County, Illinois
The country living here is characterized by numerous festivals and events such as the annual Popeye Picnic that celebrates the town's native son Elzie Segar - the creator of the popular comic-strip character. Agriculture drives the economy of this County and is aided by river transportation. With the local administration planning the preservation of open space and agricultural heritage of the County, Randolph County is sure to stay on the top 10 list for long.

4. Gillespie County, Texas
A land that gets clothed by beautiful flowers every spring, Gillespie is a wonderful rural setting and a typical Texas County where one can find wide-open spaces, cattle ranches and old men wearing cowboy hats. The German influence is profound on the eating places here. The County is popular for its peach orchards and citrus farms.

5. Union County, South Dakota
The merging of the Missouri River and the Big Sioux River has rendered this County with not only a beautiful topography but also a rich fertile soil. This rural County offers a few surprises too in terms of achievements. Union County is proud of its excellent schools which has a Blue Ribbon school amongst them. The County offers a favorable atmosphere for children and is a great place to raise a family.

6. St. Lawrence County, New York
On the sixth place is St. Lawrence County which boasts of a renowned music school, the Frederic Remington Art Museum, traditional arts, etc. The County also offers a plethora of recreational activities that include hunting and fishing. Although winters are severe, summers are beautiful and highly enjoyable.

7. Sac County, Iowa
Rolling hills, fields of golden corn and soybean, friendly residents... Sac County has a lot to offer for the rural lover. A warm community feeling abides among the residents who enjoy fun activities and events such as the Farmall Promenade.

8. Garfield County, Okalahoma
Home to two medical centers and the Vance Air Force Base, Garfield County is a through and through agricultural land. Horse pastures and wheat fields adorn the countryside. The residents mostly live on acreages and are known for their honesty and hard work. The place has a rich history.

9. Amador County, California
Amador Country is a unique place where one can enjoy the luxury of three different climates. Famous for its wine region, Amador is one of the major grape-growing regions of the country.

10. Polk County, North Carolina
Polk County is one that has been untouched despite the rapid growth of its neighboring counties. Nestled amidst the foothills of the Appalachians, tourism drives the economy of the County. This scenic County once undiscovered is headed for growth in the near future.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home, condo or any other type of real estate in the areas listed above, be sure to seek out the services of a local real estate agent to advise you about local real estate market conditions.