Keeping Real Estate Investing Simple

by : Geri Mason

In real estate investment, do you know what the hardest deal to close out is?

The first one!

The challenge is such that most people eventually quit even before ever getting their first deal completed; in fact some would be real estate investors quit even before getting started!

With the glut in available information and the numerous real estate investment options available, getting started is as challenging as getting your very first deal!

Consider some of options that you can choose from if you want to invest in real estate.

Buy and Hold

Commercial space rental

Subject to the existing financing

Fixer Uppers


Foreclosures or Pre-foreclosures

Lease-Purchase or Lease

No Money Down

Single-family homes, condos, mobile homes or apartment buildings

Confusion arises when you are undecided which of the profitable and popular options as enumerated above you want to engage in.

Unless you are a very liquid and well-financed organization, you can engage in all of them. However, for ordinary investors, engaging in one or two investment options at the most is the preferred method.

If you are lucky enough to make up your mind in which real estate option you want to engage in, the next step is then to systematically search for and close your very first deal.

Again, there are several options open to you on how to close your deal and get to the bank in order to deposit the check of your deal.

The best way to invest in real estate is to find the option you are comfortable with and specialize in it! Learn everything all you can about your particular investment option.

If you have to, take informal courses related to it so that you will become knowledgeable and on the road to becoming a specialist!

Once you have mastered your specialization, take the necessary action in order to get and close your very first deal.

Then and only then, and only if you are serious in making money in real estate can you diversify and learn another real estate investment method.

In learning the ropes of real estate investing, either you choose to undergo a training course or do it on your own.

If you choose to take formal lessons, do not confuse the price of the program with the value of the program.

The cost of a training program is not related to the value it has and the methodologies and techniques you will learn.